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College Book Stores
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 FlipperGuides supplies Flippers® and Shelf “Talkers”
(plastic pockets for holding textbook title cards) to 
college bookstores. Click here for more information 
on Shelf “Talkers”.

 The Flippers® - flip-up study guides- have been 
a popular study aid with teachers, students, and
parents for over 30 years. Each Flipper® contains
hundreds of rules, examples, and definitions printed
on both sides of 5” x 3½” coated cards. The coated
cards are attached to a 6½” x 11” plastic backing.
Three holes permit carrying in a three-ring notebook.

CLP 750W

pegboard display

If you have a store, the best way to display Flippers®
is to hang them from hooks or use our “Spinner”. If
you purchase 10 each of 20 titles, we provide the
“Spinner” at no charge.
For Samples, Pricing, or Information:
Call: 800-822-6202 
Call: 843-557-0690
FAX: 843-557-0695
To Contact By Email Click Here
Thank you for considering the Flippers® for your store.